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Ways To Get Pregnant, Pregnancy & Infertility Help

Ways To Get Pregnant
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Ways To Get Pregnant

You've made the decision to have a baby. If this is your first child, you have no reason to believe that anything stands in the way of you and your plans. You have the luxury of leaving it to fate and just going about it the old fashioned way, waiting for things to happen naturally. If that's your situation, you still might be interested in taking matters into your own hands and try to exercise some control over issues like how quickly you get pregnant or whether you have a single baby or twins. There are medical tricks and tips that can increase your chances of getting pregnant, and anecdotal evidence on how to increase your chances of having twins. Make sure you're have fun along the way and you'll end up with happy parents as well as a happy baby, or babies.

Tips To Get Pregnant Faster

If you're ready to have a baby, nine months of pregnancy seems like a lifetime away, so you don't want to spend any longer than you have to
trying to get pregnant. Definitely check in with your doctor to make sure you're healthy, because viruses, bacteria and medical conditions that you may be unaware of can impact your ability to get pregnant. So can smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol. These items should be cut out while you're trying to get pregnant rather than once you're already there. The most important thing to remember if you want to get pregnant quickly is that you should still enjoy having sex.

Don't spend your time concentrating on the goal; remember to be romantic and spontaneous with your partner. Not only will relaxing and having fun increase your chance of getting pregnant quickly, it will also make it more likely that you'll have an orgasm, and orgasm has been shown to increase your chances of the sperm reaching and fertilizing the egg.

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Try to choose positions that will help sperm reach the egg more easily; putting a pillow under your hips so that gravity helps is a good idea, and don't stand up for at least half an hour afterwards so that the sperm stays inside for as long as possible. If you want to be more scientific about the process, purchase a fertility monitor or ovulation predictor, but remember that once a kit tells you that you've ovulated, you might have already missed the boat. Try to have sex a few days before ovulation, because sperm can stay alive inside you for up to five days after ejaculation.

Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins

If you're thinking that you not only want to get pregnant immediately but you really want to get off to a quick start by having twins, there are several anecdotal tips on how to increase your odds.

The clearest path to having twins or even higher numbers of multiples is to take fertility drugs, but that can be unpredictable and even dangerous. A family history of twins in the family increases your chances of having twins yourself, though nobody knows why. Beyond that, there is a tribe in West Africa where women have an inordinately high number of twin births, and research has shown that it is the cassava that they eat that causes their hyperovulation, so eating yams may help.

Moms who eat a large quantity of dairy have a 5x higher rate of twin pregnancy then those who don't eat dairy, and women who conceive while breastfeeding have a 9x higher rate of carrying twins. Although it isn't healthy, studies have shown that women with BMIs of thirty or higher, which is classified as obese, have a much higher chance of carrying twins, so if you really want twins, start packing on the pounds.

Finally, 17% of mothers who don't conceive until they're 45 or older have twins, so if you've waited til you're in your mid forties, you have a good chance of hearing the pitter patter of more than two little feet.